Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Career

Surrounded by a world of change, one of your best bets to supplement your livelihood is to continuously learn and grow. CAA, offers the opportunity to help you progress in your career: professionally and personally.

Inside our firm, the collaborative, people-focused culture encourages mutual respect, open communications and ongoing learning. Broaden your career path and your mind through our various corporate training programs, education initiatives, performance management programs, mentoring programs and regular performance feedback. Outside of work, you’ll have time for the people you care about most – family and friends.

Our leadership team is very cognizant that the broader our employees’ backgrounds, experiences and education becomes the more diverse their views and insights evolve. CAA fosters forward thinking, innovation, diversity, ethics and integrity to strengthen our organization and our people, and to respond to our clients’ needs. The result is a collaborative environment that respects individual needs and promotes ongoing development.

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Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Human Resource Management

Establishing an effective human resource management system will improve employee morale and allow you to redeploy human capital to more critical business functions. Our human resource management solutions include:

Our solution also includes a human resource management system (HRMS) to help you:

Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Workforce Management

Credence Auditors & Advisors offers a total workforce management solution. From hire to retire, CAA can help you manage, pay and get the most out of your most valuable investment, your people.

Employee Assessments

Do you wish a better predictor existed as to whether a candidate is a good match for your current job opening? Are resumes and interviews by themselves no longer dependable methods for hiring? What about your current work force – do you wish you had a method for understanding where their skills line up with the career path and training goals you have planned for them?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, consider implementing employee assessment solutions in your hiring and development processes. We can help. CAA has VAST experience helping our clients administer profile assessments for both new hires and current staff. This has resulted in better job fits, higher productivity and lower turnover. The return on investment continues to multiply for these clients. Here’s how:

With job candidates, you will:

  • Understand who they are and will be
  • Identify their work ethic, interests and critical thinking skills
  • Discover if they are a good match for the job opening
  • Recognize if they will fit into your overall company culture
  • Know if they were candid in their profile answers

With your current staff, you can:

  • Recognize if your employees are currently in the best matched position
  • Determine if any of your current staff members are a match for an internal promotion
  • Design training and development programs for areas identified as needing improvement
  • Better understand your employees’ work methods which helps improve communication
  • Use as a tool in performance reviews and the creation of job descriptions


Taxation Services of Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors

Tax laws change constantly. Keeping abreast of those changes and the ramifications requires a great deal of time and knowledge. We can help you. Credence Auditors & Advisors makes it our business to persistently monitor changes and to accurately interpret tax law. We then can detail the steps individuals and businesses can take to comply with those changes and mitigate their impact. Our level of knowledge sets us apart. We are professionals who possess a thorough, on-going knowledge of tax law.

It is tempting to only consider taxes during “tax season,” yet proper planning year round can minimize the stress of this season and may actually reduce your overall tax burden. Put our professionals to work developing a tax strategy to enable you to best capitalize on local and federal tax laws. You will receive the personal attention of a tax manager with years of experience in tax practice, plus access to our complete team of tax specialists capable of solving virtually any tax problem.

Services available:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax research & consulting
  • Tax representation
  • BRT calculations
  • Preparation of Annual Income Tax returns
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns with State, etc.

Corporate Training Programs of Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors

Keeping your workforce well-trained and up-to-speed on technical and soft skills is crucial to stay competitive and attract the best employees. To meet our clients’ ever-growing needs in the training and development area, CAA offers corporate training services and training courses.

Reasons an organization should consider implementing a training program:

  • An organized approach to learning rather than a scattered, reactive approach
  • Increased accountability among employees on performing their jobs to the best of their abilities
  • Better use of company time with knowledge at your fingertips
  • Training on-demand and customized to your group or individual needs
  • Better appreciation of each other’s jobs, departments and locations
  • Narrowing the gap between management and staff
  • Less expensive than traveling to training
  • Tracking and monitoring of all learning received by employees
  • Gaining a reputation as employee-friendly and progressive company

Your employees will enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased knowledge and expertise to apply immediately on the job
  • Ability to perform their jobs more effectively
  • Learn how to lead meetings and their own training sessions
  • Personalized assistance and training
  • Immediate access to training support
  • Increased job satisfaction with a progressive company that invests in employees
  • Time savings with in-house training support
  • Availability of both refresher courses and advanced content
  • A variety of learning styles to ensure learning is well-received

Types of training programs available include:


  • Microsoft® tools
  • Internal audit
  • Afghanistan Income Tax Law
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Standards on Auditing

Soft skills:

  • Accountability
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Presentation skills
  • Generations
  • Emotional intelligence

Train the trainer:

  • Adult learning
  • Facilitating tips
  • Icebreakers
  • Coaching (One-on-one)

Program development:

  • New hire orientations
  • Customer service curriculum
  • Manager curriculum
  • Multi-modal training programs
  • And more!

Talent Outsourcing Services of Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors

Employers hire experience because it saves them time and money. However, finding the right person for the job can be a daunting task. Credence Auditors & Advisors’ (CAA) talent outsourcing services connects you with the experience you need to get the job done right without the hassle of searching for, screening, hiring and training a new employee. Or if you are looking to hire, use CAA talent to keep your business operations running smoothly in the meantime.

Up-to-speed up-front

CAA gives you the peace of mind that your CAA talent is already familiar with the work requirements and your goals. You don’t have to spend more time and resources training a new employee from scratch. Filling a skilled position can often take more than eight weeks. Partner with CAA’s talent outsourcing services and get started on the work that matters right away.

CAA has professionals and specialists in a myriad of niche areas that can meet your needs on the first day, including:

  • Accounts payable & accounts receivable
  • Payroll, payroll taxes, credit collections
  • Accounting, general ledger, trial balance & accruals
  • Information systems & computer operations
  • Data entry, spreadsheets & statistics
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Software solutions/QuickBooks
  • And much more!

Low-risk, high-reward

A partnership with CAA saves you money and reduces employee turnover. Rather than hiring and paying the salary and benefits for a full-time employee, use our talent as a part-time, pay-by-the-hour resource only when you need help. No more paying for more time than the work requires. Using CAA’s talent is a low-risk, high-reward way to solve your staffing needs.

Credence Independent Auditors and Advisors: Risk Advisory

  • Compliance Services
  • Construction Audit Services
  • Fraud & Forensics
  • Internal Audit
  • ID Theft Protection
  • IT Risk Services
  • Compliance Services

Industry-Driven Federal and State Regulatory Compliance

Compliance programs are under increasingly strict scrutiny from federal and state regulators

Governing bodies set forth regulations that strive to keep the industries they examine running smoothly. But with so many regulations to comply with and governing bodies to report to, regulatory compliance can be confusing, overwhelming and very costly. Credence Auditors & Advisors has dedicated professionals who specialize in the unique and complex compliance needs of large private and publicly-traded clients. We can help you navigate today’s most challenging requirements and best practices, while striving to provide valuable insights about how you may be able to streamline your compliance programs to avoid costly inefficiencies.

Our compliance services team provides services for the following regulated industries:

  • Government agencies
  • Publicly-traded companies
  • Health care organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial services
  • Insurance

Construction Audit Services

Construction projects are generally among the largest, most complex financial expenditures undertaken by an organization. For this reason, it’s important that your organization have adequate project management and appropriate internal controls designed for your specific type of construction agreement in place during the entire project life cycle. Strong internal controls are necessary to:

  • Ensure procedures are in place to identify and manage risks
  • Prevent overpayments and protect against irregularities
  • Establish supporting financial reporting processes
  • Avoid unnecessary litigation

Credence Auditors & Advisors helps you strengthen the financial and operational controls over the construction process, ensuring compliance with the contract and adherence to industry standards and best practices. Our experienced teams provide assurance that contractual terms are being adhered to by validating critical contractor compliance and costs. In our experience, potential identified overcharges are typically 5 to 10 times greater than the fee for our services.

Our specialized team of construction professionals will also provide you with “root cause analysis” and process improvement recommendations, resulting in a more efficient and effective construction program.